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Our professional fee

Intelligent Capitalworks is a fee-only investment management and wealth advisory services firm. Our fees are exclusively for our professional investment management and wealth advisory services. We consider many different factors in determining our professional fee, including the required planning complexity, professional skillsets required, the nature, types and size of investment assets and accounts to be managed, regulatory and fiduciary costs, the number of family members and other professional advisors involved, the number of meetings required, client responsiveness to our requests for information, client organizational and recordkeeping skills, and requirements for our resources.

We negotiate our fee with clients based upon the scope of services they request from us.  Our fee for investment management and wealth advisory services is calculated as a fixed fee or as a percentage of the market value of the assets we are managing or advising upon.

Please refer to our Form ADV Part 2A Disclosure Brochure for further details.


While it is obvious that if all other things are equal, lower investment costs equal higher investment returns for you, rarely, if ever, are all other things equal when it comes to professional qualifications, depth of field, resources and talent.

There are always lots of differences between best-in-class, run-of-the-mill, and bottom-of-the-barrel. The cost analysis of wise counsel, leadership, technical competence and managerial responsibility is simply not one-dimensional.

We begin to learn at some point in our lives, that the cheapest price is not really the lowest cost. Our experience reminds us that price is what we pay and that what is truly important for us, is to determine the value of what we are going to receive.  We learn that it is the applied cost, the cost applied across all of the services we receive, and not the least expensive price quote, that is most important to us.  We also learn that hidden costs and opportunity costs are part of the cost equation. We develop our abilities to discern and distinguish the differences among the benefits of the choices we face. Along the way, we recognize that while costs may vary, cost becomes an issue in the absence of commensurate value.

The real challenge for you is not to find an inexpensive solution, because even if it’s low-cost, an average or poor solution, is still an average or poor solution. Instead, the real challenge is to find the most valuable solution for you. We work hard every day to help improve the financial lives of clients just like you and provide them with valuable solutions.