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What we do


Charles Rossi

Financial Advisor

Predicting rain doesn’t count.Building an ark does.

We strive to help you with your financial life and get you ready for your financial future. We help you develop plans intended to help you accumulate enough investment assets to achieve the financial and other goals you have.

We build and manage a portfolio of investments in your personal and retirement accounts. Our goal is to help you generate the liquidity, safety, income, capital growth, and tax and cost control you will need to meet your financial goals.

We monitor and compare your results to your plan. We re-evaluate and re-analyze as necessary, and provide you with counsel and advice for ongoing course corrections to stay on plan.

We serve you as an advisor, manager, leader, and counselor. In each role, we contribute differently as you look to us with different needs at different times. Most often, we contribute simultaneously across all capacities in differing degrees. As leaders, we provide motivation and direction. As counselors, we help remove barriers. As advisors, we provide technical advice. And as managers, we carry out process. Taken together, we are always working to position you in your place of greatest potential.