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Certified to a Fiduciary Standard

CEFEX Excellence

Intelligent Capitalworks is certified to a defined fiduciary standard by CEFEX

CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC, an Fi360 company, has certified Intelligent Capitalworks to the standard described in the handbook Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors.

The independent CEFEX Investment Advisor certification demonstrates adherence to a best-practice standard.

Adherence to a Fiduciary Standard

CEFEX advisory firms adhere to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. This means they act in the best interest of investors. This is in contrast with a firm that lacks a fiduciary process.

The fiduciary standard offers a consistency of interpretation and implementation, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge between the advisor, clients, vendors and regulators.

Verified Annual Audits

CEFEX advisory firms voluntarily undertake annual audits by independent fiduciary experts. This verifies their adherence to the fiduciary standard and is supplemental to the oversight performed by most financial regulators, who require advisors to meet a minimum compliance standard.

The objective is simple: to protect investors.

Investor Benefits

A CEFEX-certified advisory firm places your interests first to help you realize your investment objectives sooner, better align investment services to expenses, and be accountable for actions taken.

Institutional and individual investors expect these benefits from an advisory firm, as they would from any other professional organization. CEFEX certification demonstrates that the firm places a high importance on realizing these benefits.

Advisor Professionalism

Annual audits maximize the advisory firm’s professionalism because the firm is required to keep up to date with regulations and best practices. The CEFEX audit helps foster a culture of continuous improvement within the firm.

The assessment process for CEFEX certified investment advisory firms is frequently updated to address changes in regulations and evolving best practices.

What’s in the CEFEX Certification Audit?

CEFEX assessment is based on the international standard, ISO 19011: Guideline for quality management system auditing. The assessment is evidence-based, and all work is reviewed by the CEFEX Registration Committee to ensure impartiality and consistency.

The assessment includes document review, client file sampling, on-site visits, a background check and interviews with senior representatives at the firm. The assessment is conducted by CEFEX Analysts who must hold the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst ® designation and maintain annual training by CEFEX.

The assessment methodology includes attorney-developed schedules based on regulation.

The CEFEX certification audit is based on the standard described in the document: “Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors” published by fi360, Inc. It can be downloaded here.