Scottsdale wealth management

We serve families and individuals. Building individual and family wealth is very personal and can be a complex and multi-disciplinary challenge. There is a lot for you to guard against and think about ‒ family needs winding in different directions, life’s curveballs, camouflaging distractions, dozens of risks, multiple layers of taxation ‒ the list is remarkably similar for many of us.

Successful personal wealth management creates multiple workflows that require your frequent attention and energy. And all of it requires clarity, insight, well-reasoned thought, discipline, and good judgment. What problems are you trying to solve and who are the people in your life working on all of this for you?

Let us take the lead and help free you to focus on the big-picture of your life. 

Scottsdale wealth management

Scottsdale Wealth Management Services

We offer our core competencies in financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning, investment management, trust and estate planning, and philanthropic planning on a professional fiduciary, fee-only basis for the Scottsdale wealth management services offered by Intelligent Capitalworks.

We meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives; complete many studies and analyses of your financial well-being; create plans, strategies and investment guidelines to help you achieve your goals; manage many of the day-to-day workflows related to implementing your plans; manage your investment accounts using our discretion; and monitor and review your investments and accounts with you.

We continually develop the breadth and depth of intellectual capital to serve you – advanced skillsets and resources; training, experience and good judgment; and consistent endeavor and vigilance necessary to address the needs of families looking to successfully preserve, protect, grow, and transfer their wealth.

Our mission and commitment to you. Our mission is to create value for our clients by helping them create the plans to preserve, protect, grow, and transfer their wealth and the disciplined investment and wealth management strategies to support their plans.  We dedicate our actions and resources to working on the front lines every day helping our clients manage their wealth and the related processes and tasks that help them stay the course.

Engagements start at $2 million. We offer our Scottsdale wealth management services and the firm’s resources to families and individuals who have accumulated or plan to accumulate $5 million or more at retirement. Our professional experience and firm resources support client engagements for individuals and families who are seeking investment management and wealth advisory services for assets starting at $2,000,000.

Researching Scottsdale Wealth Management Services

Service professionals, whether they are doctors, attorneys, accountants, or financial advisors, are all a bit like icebergs, with 10 percent of their attributes above water and visible for you to see and the remaining 90 percent of their attributes below the surface and invisible to you. Use our interview guide, Selecting a Wealth Management Professional, in your advisor search process as you conduct your personal due diligence and dig deeper with more targeted questions during your interview with us and other candidates.

Unaffiliated Qualified Custodians

Intelligent Capitalworks is not affiliated with a broker-dealer or any other financial institution and we do not sell or broker proprietary products, insurance, or any other financial products.

We invest and manage client accounts according to the plans we develop and clients approve in their wealth management and investment plans using these unaffiliated qualified custodians – Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade. A qualified custodian can be a bank, registered broker-dealer, futures commission merchant, or certain foreign entities.

A qualified custodian either maintains client funds and securities in a separate account for each client under that client’s name, or in accounts that contain only client funds and securities under the name of the investment adviser as agent or trustee for the clients.

Your team of Scottsdale wealth management advisors will take the lead and free you to focus on the big-picture of your life.

Your team of Scottsdale wealth management advisors will take the lead and free you to focus on the big-picture of your life.