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ICW Financial Advisor Quick Facts

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Create value for you by helping you create the plans to preserve, protect, grow, and transfer your wealth and the disciplined investment and wealth management strategies to support your plans.

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Dedicate our actions and resources to working on the front lines every day helping you manage your wealth and the related processes and tasks that help you stay the course.

Financial Advisor
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  • Personal accounts
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Financial Advisor
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As fee-only financial advisors, we help individual investors solve their retirement planning, investment and wealth management problems. We provide professional advice. We do not sell financial products. We provide professional retirement planning, investment management and wealth advisory services.

We work to understand your vision and gain clarity of your purpose. Before we offer financial advice, we commit our time, talent and resources to study and analyze your situation. We promote a collaborative team approach working closely with our clients to find valuable solutions that are not predetermined by a company selling financial products.

We help our clients meet their planned income and cash needs, invest for asset growth, avoid unrewarded risks and control their tax and investing costs. Our goal is to help them build the long-term wealth that will help them meet their lifelong goals.

We work to help our clients see beyond the moment and help bring their longer-term vision into focus and possibly even expand their vision.

We help our clients to become more effective CEOs of their wealth and serve them as their personal chief financial officer and as a member of their personal board of directors.  As a board member, we help provide guidance and direction, and help remove barriers.  As their chief financial officer, we provide technical advice, manage workflows and help carry out processes across the many related disciplines of their wealth.

We serve our clients as an advisor, manager, leader, and counselor. In each role, we contribute differently as our clients look to us with different needs at different times. Most often, we contribute simultaneously across all capacities in differing degrees.

We are always working to position our clients in their place of greatest potential. As leaders, we provide motivation and direction. As counselors, we help remove barriers. As advisors, we provide technical advice. And as managers, we carry out process.

We serve our clients as a fiduciary for a professional fee only. This means that we do not receive commissions or other forms of compensation for selling insurance, annuities or other investment products to you, or trading your accounts.

Our client philosophy is based on our long-term view. The best relationships evolve from time spent working together, growing together and celebrating our mutual successes.

At the beginning and the end of every day, your bottom line is our bottom line. We invest our time, talent, energy and resources on behalf of our clients, helping them better manage their financial lives and their investments, and helping them achieve the goals they set in their plans.

Financial Advisor
Interview Guide

Use our proprietary interview guide, Selecting a Wealth Management Professional, in your advisor search process as you conduct your personal due diligence and dig deeper with more targeted questions during your interview with us and other Scottsdale financial advisors.

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