Financial Advice One Client at a Time

Monique Pressley
Client Service Manager

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We work to understand your vision and gain clarity of your purpose. Before we offer you professional financial advice, we commit our time, talent and resources to study and analyze your situation.  We endeavor to help you bring your longer-term vision into focus and possibly even expand your vision of what is possible.

We develop plans and strategies for your consideration and after you approve, we implement and manage the resulting day-to-day workflows on your behalf.  When we offer you independent financial advice, we are always working to position you in your place of greatest potential.

At the beginning and end of every day, your bottom line is our bottom line.

Bias-checked advice | Understanding your history, anxieties and points of view.
Process-guided advice | Making your financial goals more measurable.
Scenario-analyzed advice | Evaluating the range and likelihood of your financial outcomes.
Workflow-driven advice | Helping manage the workflows of your financial life.
Client-centered advice | Focusing on your needs, vision and aspirations.
Goals-based advice | Setting realistic and achievable objectives with you.
Risk-balanced advice | Identifying, measuring and managing your financial threats.
Roadmap-ready advice | Creating your financial plan and investment guidelines.
Progress-measured advice | Evaluating and adjusting as your future unfolds.

Our financial advice helps individual investors develop and implement various plans for the management of their wealth. We educate, collaborate, design, document and help clients address and manage their financial planning, retirement income planning, investment management, risk management, tax planning, estate planning, trust administration and philanthropic needs.


Financial Advice One Client at a Time

As personal financial advisors, we help clients clarify their goals and objectives, investment time horizons, and risk tolerances and risk capacities. We consider each client’s desire for liquidity, rising income, inflation protection, capital growth, portfolio stability and tax control. We develop and review with each client a long-term rate of return a client may need from savings and investments to meet targeted goals and objectives.

We also review the attendant risks of loss and various probabilities of negative portfolio volatility a client will likely need to endure through the planning time range, because positive investment returns are unpredictable,
unassured and materialize sporadically.

After we help clients clarify their goals and objectives and review their assets, we design and implement 
disciplined financial planning and investment management strategies appropriate for each client’s goals and objectives and risk tolerance and risk capacity.

As independent financial advisors, we work with clients to tailor their plans and investments to meet their needs. We manage client accounts using our discretion. We do not use model portfolios. We monitor their managed investments, track their progress toward their goals and objectives, and provide ongoing financial advice.

The Value of Financial Advice

Well-trained and experienced personal financial advisors can help provide families and individuals with valuable financial advice.  They can help in spotting risks and issues that need attention; help providing thoughtful counsel for financial support of loved ones; help structuring financial support for family members with special needs; and help developing purposeful philanthropy.

Of course, this just begins to scratch the surface of more value available to you from an advanced-level financial advisor.  The value of financial advice expands with an advisor’s interdisciplinary training and depth of field.

An A-level professional financial advisor can provide collaborative leadership for your other advisors – accountant, estate planning attorney, insurance professional – to help ensure you are benefiting from a whole-system approach to managing your wealth.

Financial Advice Professional
Interview Guide

Use our proprietary interview guide, Selecting a Wealth Management Professional, in your advisor search process as you conduct your personal due diligence and dig deeper with more targeted questions during your interview with us and other financial advice professionals.

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