• Firm Profile

    Firm Profile

    We help individual investors solve their retirement planning, investment and wealth management problems. We provide professional retirement planning, investment management and wealth management services.

    We serve our clients as a fiduciary for a professional fee only. This means that we do not receive commissions or other forms of compensation for selling insurance, annuities or other investment products to you, or trading your accounts.


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  • Planning


    • Family Financial Discussions
    • Personal Wealth Education
    • Goal and Objective Setting
    • Investment Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Special Needs Planning
    • Incapacity Planning
    • Trust, Estate and Legacy Planning
    • Charitable Planning and Giving


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  • Analysis


    • Lifestyle Asset and Net Worth Analysis
    • Leverage and Debt Analysis
    • Risk Exposures and Insurance Analysis
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis
    • Client Risk DNA Analysis
    • Long-Term Care Cost Coverage Analysis
    • Social Security/Medicare Gap Analysis


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  • Strategy


    • Retirement Asset/Liability Study
    • Investment Risk Capacity Study
    • Critical Path Study
    • Asset Allocation Study
    • Asset Location Study
    • Portfolio Risk Study
    • Economic Scenario Study
    • Income Stability and Distribution Study
    • Tax-Advantaged Charitable Gift Study


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  • Investment


    • Written Investment Guidelines
    • Financial Service Value/Cost Analysis
    • Diversification Intelligence Analysis
    • Proprietary Investment Research
    • Covered Dividend Analysis
    • Individual Security Portfolios
    • Individual Securities Held In Safekeeping
    • Tax-Sensitive Portfolio Management
    • Performance Reporting Analysis
    • Investment Behavior Coaching


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  • Management


    • Process and Workflow Management
    • Tax Accountant Coordination/Collaboration
    • Estate Planning Coordination/Collaboration
    • Trust Advisory Services
    • Advisory Team Leadership
    • Periodic Review Calls and Meetings


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Scottsdale Financial Advisors

It is a privilege that very few people, if any, will get in their lives to be entrusted with guiding you financially and helping you look after your financial well-being.

It is a special honor for us to receive the trust of others to advise them financially and manage their money. It is a responsibility that we approach with great care and respect. That care and respect begins with important disclosures for us as Scottsdale fiduciary financial advisors.

All investors want an advisor they can trust. The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard is a champion for investors. Helping investors find a real fiduciary advisor is the Institute’s mission.

Intelligent Capitalworks is one of only two financial advisory firm members of the Institute in Arizona.   

An experienced wealth management fiduciary among Scottsdale financial advisors.