Social Security Claiming Strategy

Participating in the Social Security system may seem like a decision-free exercise: You pay in during your working years, and then you receive monthly payments when you retire. The fact is that you may have a fair bit of control over the amount and timing of the benefits you receive. First, your benefits are calculated

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How Working Affects Your Social Security Benefits

The typical Social Security scenario is simple: A beneficiary stops working and begins taking the full benefits to which he or she is entitled. But when a Social Security recipient is also drawing work income, things get a little more complicated. Work income may reduce the size of your Social Security check. Let’s look specifically

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The Best Time to Take Social Security

To most people, Social Security seems like a very simple concept: You pay in to the system during your working years, then you retire and start getting those monthly checks. But if you want to maximize your benefits (and who doesn’t), you need to study how and when to start taking your benefits. You need

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